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About Us

Who we are

Dancecapade was founded in 2000 with the notion of creating a nurturing environment where kids can find their passion in dance. Children today are faced with a myriad of activities in a hyper competitive culture. Time and time again, we’ve witnessed our students relieve the stress in their daily lives through dance. As they continue to improve this craft through hard work, they learn discipline, integrity and confidence.

Our faculty is trained in their specialized genre either with a dance degree or significant personal dance experience in the industry. We’re proud of their dedication and patience in developing a well-rounded experience.

Our dancers are taught routines and given costumes that are age appropriate. We believe that we can teach this art form in manner that is consistent with their age and maturity level.

We train our dancers with proper techniques, various dance styles and the discipline that is required with this art form. In this process, they will find their passion for dance and make lifelong friends.


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