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Welcome to Dancecapade

Dancecapade was founded in 2000 with the notion of creating a nurturing environment where kids can find their passion in dance.  Children today are faced with a myriad of activities in a hyper competitive culture.  Time and time again, we’ve witnessed our students relieve the stress in their daily lives through dance.  As they continue to improve their abilities through hard work, they learn discipline, integrity and confidence.  

Individualized attention is extremely important so we cap our beginning classes at 12 students.  Participation in each class is based on age and skill level.  We value a comprehensive curriculum of each genre of dance to ensure standardized teaching.  There is particular emphasis on learning the fundamentals which includes dance terminology and proper technique.

We are proud to share that many of our students are members of high school/college dance teams, professional sports dancers and professional dancers in the entertainment industry. One of the reasons for this success is the professionalism of our staff. Each instructor is trained in their specialized genre either with a dance degree or significant personal dance experience. We're proud of their dedication and patience in developing a well rounded experience with the limited time our students have.

The highlight of the year is our Annual Dancecapade Showcase.  Dancers perform for their family and friends in a professionally run event.  We’re proud that these recitals consistently generate rave reviews by all.  Dancecapade also boasts a robust Competition Team for those who are interested in taking that next step.  Our teams present us in the highly competitive regional and national competitions. Our well decorated teams share the love for dance and performance. 

Dancecapade’s culture embraces constant growth and improvement.  In that spirit, we’ve added a very well received Pilates Program.  Pilates is considered one of the best forms of cross-training.  The variety of equipment utilize spring tension to strengthen and support the body. Pilates is a low-impact exercise where it relives stress off joints while improving core strength, flexibility and balance through continuous personalized sessions.  It has great mind-body benefits for all individuals such dancers, athletes, and rehabilitation clients. We are proud to be on the forefront of providing cross training to our dancers for a long and healthy career.  

On a personal note, we operate our studio with a set of values. We witness everyday how "fast" kids are growing up. It is for this reason that our dancers are taught routines and given costumes that are age appropriate. Every studio has their set of standards that they are comfortable with. We believe that we can teach this art form in a manner that is consistent with their age and maturity level.

It is our hope that you come and visit Dancecapade and experience dance at an extraordinary level!

Alice Chien

Alice Chien, Director