Tuition & Policies

We offer various styles of dance. Classes are divided by age and level.

Tuitions & Policies
Total Classes Per Family Monthly Tuition
Creative Dance
(45 min)
(4 classes a month)

1 class per week
(4 classes a month)

2 class per week
(8 classes a month)

3 class per week
(12 classes a month)

4 class per week
(16 classes a month)

5 class per week
(20 classes a month)

6 class per week
(24 classes a month)

7 class per week
(28 classes a month)
8 class per week
(32 classes a month)

Unlimited Classes
1 Dancer
$295 per person

Additional $150 per immediate family member

Single Class
Single Class

Pilates Reformer
Reformer Promo
$149 for 4 private classes (New Students only)

Reformer Private
$60 per 55 min class
One-Time Registration Fee
One-Time Fee Per Family

Tuition is based on a 4 week month. Tuition for months with 5 weeks and holidays will be prorated. This excludes Unlimited Rate. There are No Refunds or Credits of tuition. Absolutely No Exceptions.

If absent, missed classes can be made up by taking another class. Classes must be made up in the month that the class was missed if paid by monthly plan. Classes can be made up by end of the session if the entire session has been paid.

Please purchase a smaller class package or single classes if you cannot make-up classes.

Family Monthly Tuition is a discount program for immediate family members and kids under 18 years old.

Monthly tuition is due by the 15th of each month. Late charge of $20 will be added if tuition is paid after the 15th of the month. Cash and Checks are accepted.

Students must sign-in at the front desk before each Class.

Class Schedule is subject to change for any reason without notice.

Private lessons are available. Please ask for details.

Dancers must be dressed in appropriate dance attire. Please see Attire Requirements.

No food, drinks or chewing gum in the dance studio.

Please be on time when picking up or dropping off the dancers.

Children who are not in class must be supervised at all times by an adult. Dancecapade Performing Arts Center is not responsible for any children waiting or left at the studio for any reason.

Dancecapade has the right to refuse service to any person, for any reason.

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