Lights, Camera, Action!  Dancers rehearse for hours to shine on stage for a few moments!

Annual Showcase

Annual Showcase is scheduled on last Sunday of in May. All students are encouraged to participate as performing provides a valuable learning experience and is an important part of dance training.

Each class will have their own dance and costumes. Students will learn Showcase Dance starting February during their class time. No extra rehearsals other than your regular class time is required. Therefore, class attendance is required.

Dress Rehearsals are right before the show. Young dancers will have rehearsal time right before the show to avoid long hours at the theater.

Performing on a professional stage will give dancers a sense of accomplishment to show off to family and friends. Special performances are also included in the recital to show the dancers and audiences the variety of dance styles in the industry.

Dancecapade Competition Team

Dancecapade Competition Teams are for dancers who would like to take their training to the next level. Competition Teams represent Dancecapade in regional, national competitions and local performances.

Competition Team Auditions

Auditions are held in September of each year. Rehearsals start in October. Dancers will attend competitions through July of each year.

Competition Team will train dancers at an intense level in techniques, styles and performance. Dancecapade places a strong emphasis on team work, dedication and commitment that would carry throughout the dancers’ lives. Dancers form a strong bond working with each other and create friendships that would last a life time.

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