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We offer various styles of dance. Classes are divided by age and level.

Class Description & Required Attire
Jazz is a classification shared by a broad range of dance based on the current pop music. Jazz can also be refer to the old broadway style of dance. However, fundamentals of modern and ballet dance techniques are the basis of Jazz Dance. Jazz class includes a warm up to increase flexibility, strength and also across-the-floor to work on traditional jazz techniques. Short Jazz combo are often taught in each class. All levels are welcome!
Attire: Fitted top, leotard and black hot shorts or black jazz pants. Black/Tan Jazz shoes. Hair in tight ponytail.

Tap makes you the musician in this style of dance. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental rhythms, body alignment, level, accenting, and syncopation.
Attire: Fitted top and stretchable bottoms. Black Tap shoes. Hair in tight ponytail.

Ballet / Tap Combo
This is a one-hour class in ballet and tap that introduces young dancers technique in both disciplines in a fun and nurturing environment. Basic ballet and tap techniques are taught. Students must perfect the basics to move up to the next level.
Attire: Any color ballet dress with white tights. Pink Ballet shoes and Black Tap Shoes. Hair in tight ponytail or in bun.

This class works on strength, flexibility, and agility. Students will learn basics of gymnastic skills such as, bridge, cartwheel, somersault, back/front walk-over, ariels, and eventually front/back tucks. Instructor will work with students individually based on their skill level. Prior dance experience recommended.
Attire: Black leotard and black hot shorts. No shoes. Hair in tight ponytail.

Mat Pilate
Mat Pilate exercises increase total body flexibility and strength. This is a low impact exercise to get our muscles balanced. We carry stress on different parts of our body. This class will strengthen core muscles to release tensions in our necks, shoulders, and backs!
Attire: Fitted top and stretchable bottoms. Hair away from face.

Creative Dance
Creative Dance is an intro to dance class for dancer 3-4 years old. This 45 minute class includes both ballet and tap techniques. We incorporate fun props and age appropriate music into dance movements. This class will work on balance, flexibility, strength, coordination and further develop passion for dance.
Attire: Any color ballet dress, white tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Hair in tight ponytail or in bun.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. It builds strength, coordination, grace, and agility while also focusing on body alignment and proper techniques. Proper terminologies are emphasized in all levels.
Black leotard and pink tights. Black ballet skirt is optional. Hair in bun. Pink ballet shoes.

Hip Hop / Break Dancing
Currently the hottest and most popular style of dance, this genre is derived from diverse ethnic, cultural, and street forms of movement. Different choreography is introduce in each class. This form of dancing is most identified with the commercial (entertainment)world including performing for popular artists and musicians in television, film and the music industries. All levels are welcome!
Attire: Fitted top and stretchable bottoms. Tennis shoes. Hair away from face.

Lyrical / Contemporary
This style of dance focuses on the expression and interpretation of music through movement. Depending on the choreographer, can be profound, physical, and emotional, and challenges the dancer to visually communicate what they feel within. It is an important method of teaching dancers to fully express their feelings through movements. Intermediate dance experience needed to participate in this class.
Attire: Fitted top, leotard and black hot shorts or black jazz pants. Black/Tan Jazz shoes. Hair in tight ponytail.

Yoga increase strength, flexibility and finding peace of mind! Breathing techniques are taught to incorporate into the classic yoga poses such such sun salutations, standing poses, gentle twists, forward folds, and quiet restorative postures. Correct breathing, posture, and how yoga can be individualized are included in this class. Everyone is working at their own pace. This is a non- competitive class. All levels are welcome.
Attire: Fitted top and stretchable bottoms. No shoes. Hair away from face.

Musical Theater
This class will work on basic jazz techniques, vocal techniques, and acting skills. Students will learn how to sing, dance, and act at the same time. This is a great class to prepare students for school musical productions.
Attire: Leotard, hot shorts, and jazz shoes. Hair tied in tight ponytail.

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